November 09, 2016

A New Day

Congratulations to President-elect Trump.

Time to drain the swamp.

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September 03, 2015

Microsoft out-googling Google

Yeah, it's been a while but... this is important for anybody who values their privacy. I've come across an article by Martin Brinkmann at "Microsoft intensifies data collection on Windows 7 and 8 systems".

For anyone concerned with the growing 'data hunger' inside the IT industry (yeah, I'm looking at you, Google...), the above article is a must-read. If you're a Microsoft user, you're doubtlessly aware that the next gen of MS operating system, Win 10, is being offered as a 'free upgrade' to all Win 7 & 8 users.

Frankly, when the details of Win 10 were discovered by me, I should have updated this blog to inform anybody stumbling across my humble site about the profound change in Microsoft's attitude towards it's users. A good start would be this excellent article: "Windows 10 and Privacy". IMHO, Win 10 is an OS that would have gotten the 'Seal of Approval' by any infamous internal security agency (like the GESTAPO or the KGB).

In my opinion, Win 10 crosses the line from 'operating system' to outright spyware. And, not content with constantly looking over your shoulder, Win 10 also (eventually) wants you to 'log in with a smile'... that's their current 'shiny happy' advertising. In case you haven't connected the dots yet, the above phrase implies facial biometrics... another growing tool in state security systems (I'll set my misgivings about that subject for another time).

So, Win 10 is the complete system for any Police State© wannabes out there; the only missing ingredient is a total disregard for the Bill of Rights... waitaminute... I think that fence has already been torched by the glorious regime of King Barack the First.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!!! Not content with Win 10, Microsoft is quietly installing tracking widgets on your Win 7 & 8 machines that mirror Win 10's 'I'm watching you' aspect. Given that there's 75 million users of Microsoft's OS, most of whom, blindly allow system updates (and yeah, I was one of those folks until I knew better), perhaps this post will change the way you look at your computer.

And perhaps switch to one of the independent, open-source OS's out there... I know I will once Win 7 (which I like) is unsupported, like my late, and lamented, XP desktop system.

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October 16, 2014

At Last! Something that's finally tripped my Trigger... Part I

For a long while now (over a year, as a matter of fact), this blog has lain dormant. That is about to change... a couple of things have come up recently that fall into my 'interests' column, gaming (of which I have a mild, but lengthy, attraction to), and web-comics, a guilty pleasure of mine.

To the former, the subject of GamerGate, a sordid tale of corruption, collusion, cronyism, journalist arrogance, not-so-creeping cultural Marxism (chiefly in the form of 'Feminism'), and outright suppression of contrary opinions.

In other words, a junior version of the (currently) malignant Fourth Estate, the once proud protector of the 'common man', and diligent watch-dog against governmental hanky-panky, wannabe oligarchs, plutocrats, and other such mischief.

As to the latter subject, I've noticed a growing trend by some web-comics to advance certain issues, and story lines, onto their readers. This is hardly news in one respect: comics are stories told a punchy, visual format. The nature of these stories... as widely ranged as a slice of our Earth between two horizons (a fancy way of saying: a lot).

Back in days of my youth (way before the internet), most comics were 'slice of life' stories, some silly, some serious, but all meant to engage the reader with the characters in the comic, and the circumstances of their existence within those three or four frames of art in their own little space on the page of a newspaper.

Remember those, folks? Yeah... the average newspaper now is a not-so-glorious shadow of their former selves. I'll save the subject of their decline for another day; even so, their diminishment (and why) is a fore-taste of the current debacle 'game journalists' find themselves in. The big difference?


Most newspapers fell into decline over a span of decades; gaming journals, or more to the point, game journalists (mostly of the on-line flavor) have managed to fling themselves into the Abyss in the space of a few weeks.

That, my friends, is a display of ability, and zeal, only exceeded by Japanese Kamikaze pilots.

BTW, before I proceed on to part 2 of this subject, I'll make a point of posting some informative links on the subject of GamerGate. I don't want anybody thinking that I'm making this all up out of thin air... I'm not. And, as a bonus, by getting a grasp of that heinous scandal, you might find it easier to grasp why the Fourth Estate (in general), has fallen into position of disrepute, below the tier occupied by harlots and snake-oil salesmen.

If you're interested, here's a few links to get grasp on the subject.

Here's one woman's take on the subject of GamerGate.

Here's a quick and dirty explanation (warning, the guy talks 'lawyers disclaimer' speed) of the scandal.

And finally, a longer, but well detailed discussion on the subject.

What's next? Part II - Web-comics... forget story-telling, we have a message for you. Pictures with an agenda: a powerful combination.

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January 24, 2013

Well damn... I've got a blog.

Well... it had to happen sooner or later.

A funny thing happened on the way to registering to comment on Steven Den Beste's delightful site, Chizumatic... I found myself in possession of my very own blog.

So... what to do?

Well, learning how to fly this puppy would be a good start.

After that, deciding what I'll be posting (since I just increased my digital footprint) that will leave any readers (presupposing that I get any traffic) with a positive impression of me, regardless of my viewpoints.

Yeah, yeah... I know... not everyone is going appreciate my opinions, or view of things (great and small). Oh well, that's life.

Hmm... next up, some meaningful content.

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